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This form enables your submitted blog to be featured on  By filling out the form, you grant permission to use your blog post photos, blog name, blog post titles & descriptions, blog URLs & links back to your site in's featured posts and social media accounts.  You also grant permission to edit photos from your posts into a collage to be featured on and its social media profiles.  You assert that, unless indicated otherwise in the post, you own all photography featured in your blog posts and have the ability to grant permission to use that photography.

Each featured post on will link to your original post and domain in the post. If one of your posts is selected to be featured on, we will not include any materials/ingredients, nor will we include any of the steps or directions in the blog post - readers of will be directed to click through to your blog post for that information.

While we would like to be able to regularly feature the content of any site submitted to, we cannot guarantee your content will be featured in a post.  We look for original content with social media friendly original photography.  We do try to scan through submitted sites regularly for new posts to feature, so your content may show up eventually unless you've rescinded your permission to use it.

You may rescind permission for to use your site for any further featured posts at any time.  Simply send an e-mail to with your name and blog web address and state that you wish to rescind permission to use any further posts in's featured posts.  This will not rescind permission for to continue to feature your blog and blog posts/content in any featured posts which has already created and posted. may generate ad revenue from its featured posts which use your content.  This ad revenue will be used by to pay for overhead costs and allow us to continue to feature content from the blogging community.

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