SOULand Wild Council February 2019
Azul Valerie Thome invites you to sit with her in Council to explore:

How to Offer our Gifts in the face of Collapse and Extinction?
Every other species Give their lives Away for the thriving of Life.
What can we learn from them? What for? What is the point?

An invitation to sit in SOULand council, make eARTh and constellation work to explore this question in community.

Sun 10th Feb ~ 10~4pm

Totnes ~ UK

Gift Economy: The costs and needs will be presented transparently.
Offer for the day what you feel it is worth to you and what keeps
you also in a place of financial balance.

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We are still negotiating with a truth which is: We have reached the end of the human experiment. We have not learned. We stayed immature, amnesic, separated and anesthetised to the impact of our leaving our deep belonging to Earth Living Web. We can kick and scream or...We can still make amend. We can become a movement of deep gratitude. We can make the most beautiful gestures of restoration and thanks to our Earth's sentient beings. It is good medicine for Soul.I understand that if we have not learned to lean into communal Grief, into interconnected Love, into the beauty of Death and into the mystery of reBirth then we have very few skills in meeting our short precious time left in Life on Earth.What I am saying is not sordid, negative of prophetic. It is what most of us might feel in our bones right now with little context to place this extraordinary experience into. Let's become a Gift to Earth ~~~ a Give Away ~~~ of such sacred beauty that the whole universe will sense its true grace. Let's use the next few years to create the most outrageously beautiful and generous departure. One that honors and pays respect to our Mother Earth.Well, that is what I will be doing and working with the next 3 years. I will not be spending this precious time that we have left blaming, shaming, hoping, neither running away from the task at hand.We are the ones they are waiting for. Let's turn round and join the greatest possibility of all: To join the web of life once more in a great restoring celebration <3 You might call me crazy. I do not mind. I long to live these next few moments with great gusto. :-D <3 and as this beautiful poem ends with: "Let's Dance the Wild Dance of No Hope. " With so much Love <3 Azul Valérie Thomé
SOULand: Making the World of our Longing ~~~
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