Pinconning Middle/High School Hot Spot Form

Dear Parent,

Your student has been identified to receive a mobile hotspot to provide internet access outside of school to assist with homework and other educational pursuits. This device will be on loan for the duration of the school year and is subject to the agreement below. Please read and discuss this policy with your student, sign and return the form if you agree to participate in this program. The mobile hotspot can be used by all Pinconning Area Schools students in your household and can provide wireless connectivity for multiple devices. Pinconning Area Schools is pleased to offer this resource to qualifying students. If you have any questions, please contact the Building Office where your student attends school.

AT&T Mobile Hotspot Agreement Form

A mobile hotspot will be provided to the student named in this document under the following conditions:

• Use of this equipment is intended for educational purposes outside of the school setting.

• The District prohibits unethical use of the Internet, email, and other media. Violation of this
Policy may result in the loss of equipment and privileges, and disciplinary action by the District.

• The mobile hotspot is CIPA compliant with a content filter that prevents access to adult content. Altering the
configuration of the equipment is prohibited.

• Unlimited data is included each month. The device will continue to provide data at reduced
Speeds after a soft cap has been expended for the month.

• The student is responsible for the return of the mobile hotspot and the power adapter at the end of the school year.

• The parent/guardian accepts financial responsibility for loss and/or damage resulting from purposeful
action or gross negligence. The replacement cost of the mobile hotspot is $99.00 and is payable to Pinconning Area Schools. Replacement Micro-USB power adapters may be purchased by the user via Amazon or local retailers.

• The student has read the District Acceptable Use Policy for Technology. A copy is located in the student handbook located on the District website.

We, the undersigned student and parent/guardian, wish to participate in the AT&T mobile hotspot
program. We do not have internet access at home and agree to return the device should we purchase
internet services during the school year. We have read and understand the terms and agree to assume full responsibility for the proper care and educational use of the equipment as described in this document and to assume financial responsibility for costs accrued should the device be lost or damaged.

Internet Hotspots will be provided for families based on the following criteria:

1. Family Qualifies for Free or Reduced Lunches
2. Lives in area that is has limited internet connectivity
3. Availability of Hotspots

Family Name (Parent or Guardian Name) *
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Student(s) Name *
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Please indicate what day and time you plan on picking up the hot spot (between the hours of 8am-3pm, Monday-Friday) *
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