Queer Burner Production 2017 - All Of Us
We are looking for people who want to be part of the production team helping to make the only event of it's kind like this focusing on LGBTQAI fans of the Burning Man / 10 Principle based culture. While we are not an officially sanctioned Burning Man event, we are building this to those lofty standards to be RADICALLY INCLUSIVE and safe for all of our attendees. We will feature all the flavors of Rainbow Road and beyond. The new space offers an amazing layout and a chance for people to enjoy an amazing long long weekend in the northern California woods on Memorial Day weekend launching the beginning of summer! Come help make the magic happen!!!!
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THIS IS NOT A QUERY FOR GENERAL VOLUNTEERS: this is a call for the people committing to the machina of the event who can commit to monthly meetings and be actively engaged through May 2017.
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What do you feel is fair for a flat rate, that is the total, for your help. There is no hourly scenario. This is an amount of compensation that you feel is fair for being part of the support team for the event if any.
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We have a meeting on November 3rd in San Francisco's Castro/Twin Peaks and a site visit for the new venue on November 19th. Depending on the scope of your role in the production team you may be part of different core groups and you might meet outside of the main circle. We have a Core Infrastructure Group, Food & Bev Group, and Arts & Entertainment teams. Will you be available in San Francisco for a meeting on Nov 3rd. IF NOT: this is not a deal killer. We will talk.
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