TechLadies' 2021 Mentor Application
Thank you for your interest in joining us as a mentor! Our mentorship program begins officially on 22 Aug, running for 3 months. Please share your answers to the questions below so we can get to know you better. :)

For more information to help you with your consideration, you can refer to our mentor handbook here >>

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If you have mentored / been a mentee before, please do share your experience and what you have learnt from it!
What do you expect from your mentee? *
For example, coming to each session prepared with questions, showing up on time, or have a go-getter attitude. It's also okay if you don't have defined expectations of your mentee. There are no right or wrong answers! Your answer helps us with matching you with a suitable mentee.
What do you wish to achieve by the end of the 3 month mentorship: *
Examples: Help someone else, Strengthen your own knowledge...
How much time are you able to commit for the entire duration of the mentorship program? *
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