BACS Integration Elective Petition
There is a pre-approved list of Integration Electives that are coded in SIS; these are also published on one of the webpages for the BACS degree. It's possible to petition for a course not on this list to count. Here's how!

Other students have made such petitions, and it's possible the course you're interested in has been successfully petitioned (or unsuccessfully petitioned) by another student. The following link shows a list of courses where students' petitions have been approved, and a list of courses for which we've said "no”:

Courses on this list are NOT recognized by SIS yet, but may be eventually. If you want a course on that list to count for you, use this form to let us know. We must create an "exception" in SIS to allow this course to count for you.

Also use this form to make a petition for a course that's not on either list. You must write a short argument about why the course meets the definition of an integration elective. You should also give us a link to something on the web that provides more detail about what the course does to meet this definition. This might be something that exists on the web (e.g. a syllabus or course website), or some document that you put on the web somewhere (e.g. a syllabus etc that you scan and upload).

Before you ask for a new course to be counted, consider the following:

First, the definition of an integration elective is this: "Integration electives are courses typically offered by departments other than Computer Science, and should either provide fundamental computing depth and background or explore applications of computing to arts and sciences fields."

To be successful, a petition must convince us that the course meets one of the two criteria listed at the end of that definition. The integration electives are what help make the BACS an "interdisciplinary" degree in the College.

The phrase “arts and sciences fields” in the definition above will mean any department or degree program in UVA's College of Arts and Sciences. Note an integration elective can’t be a CS course. In fact, almost always a course must be taught by a department in the College. (EDHS 4300 is an exception.) So we normally don’t approve Comm-school classes. The only courses in SEAS that we'll approve are APMA classes that are exact matches with MATH classes found on the lists of approved courses. We also don't approve classes that are close to or duplicate material learned in CS courses (for example courses where a major component is teaching programming to students with no programming background).

If you want to ask anything before submitting a petition, contact the Undergraduate Program Assistant in the CS office, Tina Hittinger, If she can't answer right away, she'll find out the answer.

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