Maria-José - Profile
Member of the Sura Academy
“Come into your own strength!”
Your Healer & Consultant Maria-José
I will accompany your on your path. Whatever will happen, you are not alone with it.
As soon as you start working on yourself, you are expanding your consciousness. You will learn more to feel, to observe, to perceive and you will realize the correlation between yourself and your environment. I lead you to come into dialogue with yourself and your rooms, and what is important to me is that you learn to connect yourself. So you can understand the signs and the message of energies in your rooms. The essence of this is the will to change into your own power.
My offers for You:
I am an empath, which means I have different ways of perception and therefore a deep understanding of life. Working together with the spirit world led by my spirit guides and connected with the Divine Light.
Additionally I am a Feng Shui Practitioner with special focus on space clearing. I´m used to work with the energies of the different spheres. Here is the point to get into the dialog between energy and the client who is in resonance to find the hidden topic for healing or solving the problems.
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