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Dokfilm 2017 - Frivillige // Volunteers
Fyrst vil me seie tusen takk til alle frivillige og besøkande på festivalen i 2016. Dykk gjorde ein framifrå jobb og det hadde ikkje vore nokon festival utan dykk!

No treng Den Norske Dokumentarfilmfestivalen nye frivillige slik at me saman kan stelle til festival i 2017. Er dette noko du kunne vore interessert i? Fyll ut skjemaet nedanfor.


First of all, we would like to say thank you to all the volunteers that worked with the festival in 2016. You did an outstanding job and the festival wouldn't have happened without you!

Now, The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival needs new volunteers, so that we together can create this years festival. Please fill in the form if this is something you are interested in.

Fullt namn // Full name
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Telefon // Phone number
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E-post // E-mail
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Fyrsteval: Kva ønskjer du å jobbe med? // First choice: In what area do you wish to work?
Andreval: Kva ønskjer du å jobbe med? // Second choice: In what area do you wish to work?
Tredjeval: Kva ønskjer du å jobbe med? // Third choice: In what area do you wish to work?
Kommentar // Comments
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T-skjortestorleik // T-shirt size (for those working outdoors, pick a larger size so that you can wear your jacket under the t-shirt)
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