Arts & Cultural Asset Survey
The Community Council of the Arts in Clinton, OK is conducting an Arts and Cultural assets survey of Clinton and our community in Western Oklahoma. The Survey's goal is to provide a comprehensive and accessible record of the people, organizations, places and events—the Who, What, Where and When—that provide the rich cultural life and heritage of Clinton and Western Oklahoma.

The Community Council of the Arts, Artists, and Culture Bearers will use the Survey to:
• assess and evaluate the current state of the Arts and our Cultural Heritage in Clinton and Western Oklahoma
• find opportunities for improvement in the arts and community involvement
• network with peers, both experts and learners
• find resources and opportunities
• promote their work and skills

Community residents, educators, and visitors will use the Inventory to:
• connect with artists, art businesses and cultural events
• discover the richness of our community's heritage, history and humanities resources
• understand both the aesthetic and economic importance of the arts and culture

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