AI reimagining of Kopp
Hello and good day!

I made a sketch many many moons ago of a very sad old man I once knew and ran it through the Nightcafe AI system several times for each series until the result I wanted was achieved.

I used very select images of famous artwork, photos I've taken, and images I've created as the input.

Shown below are 9 of 10 designs in total.
I will only mint 10 of each design and they are individually numbered but sent in random order.

I am not asking anything for these but any tips are greatly appreciated and can be sent to hubcaps.eth and will receive a 1/100 NFT of the original sketch. If you do, leave a comment or drop me a line on discord @ hubcaps.eth#4350 to make sure you get one!

Thanks for looking.
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Original sketch 85/100 remaining
#1 Lucid Kopp 2/10 remaining
#2 Virgin Kopp 4/10 remaining
#3 Inside Kopp 9/10 remaining
Cursed Kopp 0/10 Remaining
Starry Kopp 0/10 remaining
Holy Kopp 0/10 Remaining
Gold Kopp 0/10 Remaining
Angel Kopp 0/10
Neon Kopp 0/10
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