Pride 2018-2019 Feedback
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on Pride 2019.

We began this year with a year long plan, and ended up with one of the most well funded, well attended, and least rained on Parades in memory.

But Pride has the potential to be more than an event planning committee for a week in July.

Please tell us how we did and what we can do more of.

Kindly direct all comments, questions, and concerns, to as need be.
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Marcher Application
Marcher Intake at New Gower
Communication emails
Opening Ceremony
Parade Route
Pride in the Park Vendors and Booths
Pride in the Park Toilets and Amenities
Closing Drag Perfomance
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Which Signature Events did you find most relevant? *
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Confederation Building Flag Raising
Sqwish Basketball
Pride DND
Pride Bonfire
Loose Tie Presents: Rainbow Traut
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Any overall feedback for the Pride Board for 2019-2020?
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