2021 Ditch Pickle Classic Scoring
2021 Ditch Pickle Classic Score Report
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Please fill this form only for the individual who's name is listed above. We'll combine your score with your teammates in the background, so fill out a form for each individual. If you were on a 3 person team fill out the entire form 3 times (1 form for each teammate), all 3 will not be included in your team score (only top 2 per team) but the third person could be up for individual prizes. If you have problems get in touch with Brendan (802)-578-4874.
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Below you'll find questions for scoring your catch. You'll need to upload the grip-and-grin and measurement photos for each fish so keep them handy (more on this later)

The final score for individuals will be based on a 7 fish "bag" (14 fish for teams). Remember, we round down. Your fish needs to break the plane of the next category to level up in points (a 13.8" fish is a 13" fish not a 14" fish)

12-13.99” – 1 point
14-15.99” – 2 points
16-17.99” – 3 points
18-19.99” – 4 points
20”+ - 5 points

Make this easy on yourself 1. Make a new folder on your desktop with your name and 2. each time you click one of those radio buttons below for a score move the two images (A. grip and grin and B. fish against the pickle stick) into that folder. If we need to see your photos to verify scores we'll be asking you to upload these photos later.
Select the appropriate score for your top 7 scoring bass (leave rows that don't apply blank). See points categories above
1 pt (12-13")
2 pts (14-15")
3 pts (16-17")
4 pts (18-19")
5 pts (20+")
Fish 1
Fish 2
Fish 3
Fish 4
Fish 5
Fish 6
Fish 7
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Enter the total points scored with your 7 top bass (sum of the above fish)
Other prize categories
Below you'll be asked for lengths of your longest and shortest catches. If you're in the big pickle pool make sure you answer the big pickle question. You may need to upload the grip-and-grin and measurement photos for each fish so keep them handy by placing them in that folder you made on your desktop
Did you pay $10 to enter the big pickle pool? If yes - Enter the length of your longest bass in inches (example: 20.2)
Enter the length of your longest pike (example: 20.2)
Enter the length of your longest exotic catch (e.g. bowfin, gar, perch, etc.) in inches (example: 20.2)
Enter the length of your smallest catch (example: 0.5)
Junior Anglers Only!!!! How many rock bass did you catch?
Whats your favorite team name?
Clear selection
Got a breakdown story to tell? Here's your chance...
We'll look at all the scores, if we need your photos we will get in touch!
Got photos you want to share? - upload a folder of your DPC experience to your google drive (or whatever cloud service you use) and share it with ditchpickleclassic@gmail.com

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