Registration for volunteer work at Helsinki Samba Carnaval® 2020
Apply to be a volunteer in our carnival team!

You can participate in many ways! Examples of different volunteer tasks:
* info
* transportation / driving
* accommodation supervising
* hosting (guests and foreign guests etc.)
* building up/rigging down/decorating
* photographing / video
* cleaning

All the volunteers have the opportunity to enter free Helsinki Samba Carnaval® parties: Noite das Fantasias, opening of the carnival on Friday 12th, and Baile do Carnaval, the main party after the parades on Saturday 13th of June. There is also possibility to have a meal and a Helsinki Samba Carnaval® STAFF T-shirt. As a staff member you can also sleep at school accommodation.

Apply until 1st of May. We will fill up the spots as quick as the suitable people will appear. Come to build up the carnival spirit of Helsinki!

Mandatory information is marked with red * and the first one is your email.
Email *
Basic information
First and last name *
Phonenumber *
City *
Size of your T-hirt *
Driving license
If yes, what kind of license and do you have a car in use?
Language skills
Do you have?
Tasks of volunteers
Some further information about tasks that are available and questions of your interests.
Have you been as a volunteer in Helsinki Samba Carnaval ® before? *
*If yes, what kind of duty did you have?
And would you like to do it again?
When are you available for the tasks?
Most important time to get volunteers is Friday-Saturday 12th and 13th of June, but there are some works like hosting international groups already during the carnival week 8.-14.6. You can mark as many boxes as you like and there is the part ”muu” where you can write additional information about your schedules. e.g. if you participate the parade as a dancer/player or if you are working until certain time but are free afterwards.
What kind of tasks would you like to do?
In the description of the form there are some examples of different tasks. Here you can write your wishes and preferences about what you would like to do.
Do you have some special skills?
Here you can write if you have some special skills, experience or interests that can be made use of arranging and developing the Helsinki Samba Carnaval® event.
Free word, thoughts etc.
If you want a copy of your answers, check the box belov.
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