Social Innovation Day : Attend [ Day 2 ]

Saturday, FEB 2, 2018
12:00 PM IST to 05:00 PM IST
Venue : Techno India Campus, Salt Lake

Helllooooo Kolkataaa !

Welcome to the second day of Social Innovation Challenge by TIG, Y-EAST & ADISYAM.

To celebrate the amazing prototypes our participants came up with after one full day of young minds brainstorming on the most pressing local issues, we are hosting the Social Innovation Challenge Day 2 under the following agenda :

Welcome Note
Guest Keynote
Lunch break
Ambassador Speak
Panel Discussion
Social Innovation Challenge Winners

NOTE : Apart from the opening and closing time of the event the scheduled items on the agenda may move up/down on the day of the event to fit in the situation at that point of time.

Please note that this form is only for the attendees of Day 2, not for the participants of Day 1. If you want to participate in the Design Challenge on Day 1, please click on the 'PARTICIPATE' button on the Event Page or click on the following link.

Owing to the limited seats, we would only be able to accommodate a total of 100 attendees. Hence, we would be dropping an official invitation if you have been shortlisted. Please flash the invitation email to ensure entry to the event.

Lunch :
Participants are free to carry their own lunch. The venue would also have the lunch available at a cost ranging between Rs 150 - Rs 200 per meal.

See you soon !

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