Board Leadership Lethbridge - Event Evaluation
Thank you for attending Board Leadership Lethbridge 2019. We value your feedback. The planning committee will use your feedback to ensure our future events provide the best possible experience for participants.
Overall, your Board Leadership Lethbridge experience was valuable
The content of the sessions was relevant to your role as a board member
The session descriptions provided an accurate representation of what was actually presented in the sessions you attended
You are more confident in your understanding of board governance
You gained new knowledge you can apply in your organization
You were able to make new connections and/or expand your network
You like the time of year this event was held
You like the day of the week this event was held
For the registration fee, I thought the event was valuable
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Are there any session topics that were not offered this year that you would like to see in the future?
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Were there topics this year that you wanted to attend but could not either because they were already filled to capacity or because you had to choose between 2 great topics? (this will help us gauge which session to offer multiple times next year)
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