Smart Pill Survey
Currently developing a smart pill dispensing and management system that we are looking to bring to market. This smart pill dispensing unit will allow for pills to be dispensed punctually and accurately. An app will be able to be downloaded in order to connect directly to the device, in order to provide the user and their loved ones (if oversight is required) information regarding their medication intake - including alerts when the user must take medication. In addition, users will be able to access a service, which allows for the connection between the device and a local pharmacy so that the user is able to preorder their prescriptions when volume is low, to avoid inconvenient wait times along with other features. Even though we are catering towards older generations, this product nevertheless can be used by all age demographics. When it comes to the elderly, they will not be expected to handle the technological aspects of this product. The connectivity ability of the product is meant for loved ones to be able to oversee the medication intake of their elderly loved one(s).

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Answers will contribute to our research and validation but will remain anonymous. Please forward this to anyone who may be able to benefit or provide feedback :)

How old are you? *
How many pills do you take per day *
Do you ever forget to take your medication? (Answer only if you require prescription medication )
If you answered yes to the above question, how often?
Do you personally know of somebody who has previously suffered great consequences as a result of forgetting to take their medication? *
If you answered yes in the question above - only if you feel comfortable in doing so - would you care to elaborate on the situation which occurred and its gravity
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Would you buy a smart automated pill dispenser and management system? *
Would you recommend this product to an elder in your life? *
Would you pay a small fee for the ability to order replenishing pills through our app (cuts out wait times)? *
What prices would you pay for the entire system (app, website, unit)? (choose all that apply - up to the highest price-point you would pay and answer honestly ) *
Would you purchase a smaller portable dispenser or a larger home dispenser? *
If you don't feel that this product would work for you would you explain to us why not?
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