K9 Nose Work ORT Registration Form
February 8, 2020

Please submit this online form to sign up for the Odor Recognition Test. Pre-registration and payment (WHEN ENTRY CONFIRMED) are required.

OPENS January 15, 2020 at 10 AM MST - CLOSES January 18, 2020 5 PM MST (or when entry limits are met)

Cost: $40.00/dog/odor
Odors: Birch, Anise, Clove
Location: Valley Bible Church 646 291/2 Road, Grand Junction, CO 81504
Start Time: 9:00 AM MST
Multiple Dogs Allowed: Yes
Complete One Registration Form for Each Dog Entered

Payment is due at the time of registration. Your spot will be confirmed once your payment has been received.
TO PAY GO TO http://mountaindogs.org/ORT_ENTRY_FEES.html

Entry confirmations received by January 18, 2020 will be sent via email on or before January 20, 2020. Late entry confirmations will be sent 24-48 hours after received.

Dogs may test for more than one odor.

Dogs must be crated in your vehicle. There is no indoor crating available. Please arrive 15 minutes early to set up, sign in and be ready for briefing at 9:15 AM MDT. Details will go out 2 weeks to 10 days prior to the event.

All dogs participating in the ORT must be registered with NACSW. All handlers must also be a member of the NACSW. Membership and registration are available online at nacsw.net. Membership must be completed at least 6 weeks prior to the ORT to allow for processing time. Depending on the number of registrations, we may assign time slots to minimize wait time.

Pre-payment is required. We will send you payment instructions when we receive your registration information.

All confirmations will be sent via e-mail within 7 days of receipt of complete registration form and payment. If you require a confirmation via USPS, you must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.

By completing this form you AGREE to the terms and conditions of this LIABILITY WAIVER as follows:
I/We hereby assume all risks of, and responsibility for, accidents and/or damage to myself or to my property or to others, resulting from the actions of my dog. I/We expressly agree that Mountain Dogs LLC, and/or NACSW™ or any other person, or persons, of said groups, shall not be held liable personally, or collectively, under any circumstances, for injury, and/or damage to my person, for loss or injury to my property, whether due to uncontrolled dogs or negligence of any member of said groups, or any other cause, or causes.

If you have questions about the ORT, please email Jill Kovacevich at mtnnosework@gmail.com

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