DX Heroes - Hacktoberfest 2020 Participant Form
Welcome, dear Hacktoberfest participant! 🎉 We are glad you chose one of our open source projects to contribute to 💙 To properly match PRs with a correct contributor, to know on what social media we can shout-out you on, and to be able to contact you in case you will win our limited edition Hacktoberfest merchandise, we need some information from you.
Your e-mail address *
We will contact you on this e-mail address in case you will win the competition and communicate following steps
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We will match your pull requests to your information and keep track of how many PRs you made for you and update the Leaderboard of Contributors periodically.
What social media would you like to be shouted-out on? *
We will do periodical shout-outs to our wonderful contributors. It wouldn't make sense to shout-out someone on the Facebook, if that contributor doesn't even use it 😁
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If you don't want to be shouted-out, please leave blank
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