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Catalyst Week is a two-weekend event designed to help projects build momentum and move forward. Existing businesses, startups, non-profits, art projects, and community projects are all welcome.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating in the next Catalyst Week.
Catalyst Week is free for participants as long as you make 3 commitments:
1. Set a SMART goal to focus on from 3/17 - 3/26
2. Meet the other participants at SIPI on the evening of 3/17
3. Join the rest of the community to review our work on the evening of 3/26 at SIPI

Catalyst Week will provide free mentorship, advice, workspace, relevant classes, food, and some materials at Free Range near Central and University for all participants who meet the above criteria and fill out this form. We want to help your projects accelerate.

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