Consultation: CC Framework for Method Ringing Version 2
Version 2 of the Framework has been drafted and we're now asking interested members of the ringing community to review it and provide any feedback.

Framework v2 is at

To assist with the review, two documents are available:

The first is an article prepared for publication in The Ringing World that summarizes the main changes in v2. It can be found in Appendix G.B.1 of version 2.

The second is a pdf document that contains a table describing all the changes in v2, and also all the changes themselves in 'redline' format. It can be found in Section 2 (Versioning) of version 2.

This consultation will be open until Fri Jul 16, 2021. It comprises a single text box for feedback, which has space for up to 5,000 characters (about 800 words).  We recommend that you compose your response in a separate document that you can save, and then copy and paste into the box below. There are also two optional boxes below for any information about yourself that you would like to provide.

Any type of feedback is welcome, from typos to technical comments. We will add feedback received to Appendix I of the Framework, where the CC Framework team will also post its responses to the feedback. Even if you provide your name below, your feedback will still show anonymously in Appendix I.

Thank you in advance for any feedback you provide.
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