Stories of a flapper- 20s Fashion
Have you ever wondered about the Flapper style?
What would you wear if you were a 1920s flapper, "modern " woman?
How would you cut your hair, make up your eyes, choose your hat?
Let's enter the 20s fascinating world and join us for a new online workshop!
No dancing experience required, only passion for the Flapper era and the 1920s style!

4 international teachers, 4 hours of classes
a full weekend of 1920s style

Saturday 12 December
h 17-18 1920s Dress code
h 18.5-19.15 Smokey eyes

Sunday 13 December
h 17-18 Turbans 20s style
h 18.15-19.15 The Bob 20s haircut

Price : Donation based (minimum required 20 euros) early bird: till 8 of December!
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20s Fashion
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