ADS Parent Survey
With the Return to School Guidelines link having been posted to our website and Facebook page, there is some information that the school would like to have to better prepare for many aspects of the school day under these current circumstances. Please fill out the form for each child that you send to school. This information is critical for planning safe bus runs and crucial for information in the event that we are required to return to a full remote learning environment. Thank you for your participation.
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We are strongly encouraging parents to transport their students whenever possible. Are you intending for your child to ride the bus? *
If your child rides the bus, do they go to a daycare facility that is different than your home address? *
In the event of ADS having to go to a Yellow or Red plan, that would mean that students will be returning to some form of remote learning. Do you have internet access at home? *
Is your internet connection strong enough to stream live video for the number of students in your household? *
Do you have appropriate face masks for your student? They are currently required under Gubernatorial mandates to return to school. *
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