06.06.2021 Pet Blessing Service RSVP
Hello, this is a form to RSVP for the Pet Blessing Service on 06.06.2021 at 10:30am. Please RSVP to join in person or virtual service so that we know that you are joining us and we can include you fully in this special occasion of giving thanks to God for the gift of pets. This RSVP will close the 21st May or when we are full, whichever comes first. A few bits of guidance to help you decide whether to join us in person or online. The service will be about 45 minutes in length.

1. Humans 5+ without a medical exemption must where a face covering
2. Humans must be socially distant from other households/extended households. By default, it is easiest if pets stay with their own humans. We recommend playdates in the park afterward!
3. Pets will need to be kept on a short lead, or in a carrier or small cage when attending the service. Pet's should be house trained, but access to the garden will be maintained just in case!

All creatures are welcome in the church, but we ask all pet owners to consider the well-being of their own pets in the choice to attend. If you wish to join in, but believe that a multiple-animal indoor environment may bring distress to your pet, you are welcome to attend online OR send the humans along with a lovely photo!
Email *
I/We wish to attend the pet blessing service. *
The name/s of the humans in our household. Please include the ages of any children attending. *
The name/s and type of creature attending. For dogs, please include approx size, eg small, medium, large!: *
My pet will be *
Please state any animal related allergies of humans attending, if any.
Please state any allergies your pet may have (we will have a treat for them as part of the blessing!)
Please tick here to confirm that to the best of your knowledge your pet will be suitably content in this environment. If the answer is no, join us online or bring their photo along. *
I understand that myself or my household must not attend the pet blessing service if any members of our household are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or if we have been asked to isolate by track and trace. I understand that the church will be required to store my contact details for three weeks and pass these on to track and trace if necessary. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms/ *
Full name and telephone number of an adult 18+ from your household for track and trace. Please write 'not attending in person' if applicable. *
We are looking to share stories of the relationships between humans and their pets, particularly moments where you recognise a special connection or gratitude. If you would like to contribute a story, please write it here OR email it to cassie.abousamak@gmail.com if you need a bit more time to think.
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