Audition Registration - Into the Woods
Open Door Theater is very excited for our 2020 production of Into the Woods.

There are many opportunities for featured actors, singers, and dancers, although this will be a smaller cast than in previous years. Please see for details, and use the last question on this form to give us any extra guidance about what role(s) you are interested in.

In order to audition for Into the Woods, you must be at least 9 years old by January 1, 2020.
Basics About You
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Age as of January 1, 2020 (if you are over 18, you can simply write "adult") *
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Your Experience
Describe acting experience and training:
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Describe previous singing experience and training:
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If known, what voice part do you sing (bass, tenor, etc.)?
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Describe previous dancing/gymnastics experience and training including tumbling, cartwheels/flips, parkour and other tricks:
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Are you interested in a role in a movement ensemble? There are many roles that will require movement and acting without words. Specific dance experience is not required for these choice roles?
Are you interested in puppetry? There are several puppets in this production.
About Your Audition
Please select your top three audition time slot choices.
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If there are other members of your family auditioning, please list their names:
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Do you want to audition at the same time as the family members that you listed above?
Will you accept a role if other family members are NOT cast in the show?
How many times have you participated in auditions at Open Door Theater?
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Are you trying out for a lead role?
If so, which role?
Roles are listed at - your audition confirmation email will have a link with details about which song to prepare for which character. No outside songs accepted.
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If not cast in a lead role, are you willing to be cast as a member of the ensemble?
About Your Availability
Cast members must attend every rehearsal assigned. Most rehearsals are Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings, and Sunday afternoons.

Tech week rehearsals and all performances are ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY. Please be sure you can attend rehearsals and performances on the following days before signing up:
* Sunday, March 22, 2019 (tech rehearsal - time TBD, but in the past has been noon-6pm)
* Monday, March 23 (dress rehearsal - evening beginning at 5:30pm)
* Tuesday, March 24 (dress rehearsal - evening beginning at 5:30pm)
* Wednesday, March 25 (dress rehearsal - evening beginning at 5:30pm)
* Thursday, March 26 (evening - we always try to avoid rehearsing the night before opening, but we ask that you keep it blocked off in case we need it due to snow days, etc.)
* Friday, March 27 (7:00 pm performance, cast call at 5:00pm)
* Saturday, March 28 (* Change from last year, 7:00 pm performance - cast call 5:00pm)
* Sunday, March 29 (1:00 performance - cast call 11:00am)
* Thursday April 2 (brush-up rehearsal - evening)
* Friday, April 3 (7:00 pm performance - cast call 5:00pm)
* Saturday, April 4 (**2 performances - 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm - cast call 11:00am)
* Sunday, April 5 (1:00 pm performance - followed by our cast party/strike clean up until 6 pm- cast call 11:00am)
Please confirm your availability on tech rehearsals and performances. *
Do you travel regularly for business?
List all other shows you are currently working on and production dates:
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List ALL known schedule conflicts (including things like classes or meetings) which are at the same time as our regular rehearsals (Tuesdays 7-9pm, Thursday 7-9pm, Sundays 2-5pm):
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And finally...
Name 3 fairytale or nursery rhyme or other mythical characters that you would like to play.
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Is there anything else we should know before you audition? (i.e. I do gymnastics, I am fluent in ASL, I use a wheel chair, I am a ventriloquist, I need large font sides, I am double jointed, etc.)
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