Use this form to submit pairs of pages that should be linked by a convopointer!
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Base page *
Enter the URL for the page the convopointer will be planted on (to point outward to some other page).
Target Page *
Enter the URL for the page the convopointer will POINT TO.
Additional Information on your convopointer
Use this space to include any additional information you want to share about your convopointer, why you think readers of the base page need to encounter the target page, etc. If there is a third page (or more) you wish to add to a chain of convopointers, incude the link.
Other comments, feedback, or suggestions you wish to share with Convopointer
Email Address (optional)
If you wish to receive (occasional) updates from ConvoPointer, please enter your email address here. Your email will be used only for this purpose.
Name (optional)
If this pair of pages gets posted to the Convopointer Facebook page, give me a shoutout within that post for submitting it!
"Shoutout to [your name here] for submitting this pair of pages!"
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