WILDLABS TECH HUB - Accelerating technology to end wildlife crime
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The WILDLABS TECH HUB is a coalition of technology companies, governments and NGOs working to develop the Tech4Wildlife sector and deliver technology solutions to conservation challenges.
Technology to help end wildlife crime

The illegal wildlife trade (IWT) threatens species with extinction, as well as the livelihoods of local people who rely on wildlife-based economies. In October 2018 at the UK Government hosted global IWT conference in London, a new coalition was forged called the WILDLABS TECH HUB. Supported with seed funding from the FCO, it brings together: field experts and technology companies (big and small), including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, the Digital Catapult and the Satellite Applications Catapult, alongside six international conservation organisations; all working to accelerate technology for conservation.

The coalition aims to
(a) accelerate ‘almost there’ sustainable solutions; by matching private sector support with the needs of solutions developers, brokering the partnerships, expertise and digital infrastructure needed for implementation at scale, and
(b) facilitate mechanisms to share data and machine learning algorithms, so they are accessible to a broad range of technology solutions working to tackle IWT.

The WILDLABS TECH HUB will support conservation technology solutions to achieve sustainability, secure further investment and establish partnerships to scale technology to help end wildlife crime.


If selected, applicants can expect that the following information will be published on WILDLABS.NET and Coalition partners communication channels. All information will be approved by the applicant in advance and the information we would like to share with the public: solution title, brief summary statement, primary Challenge issue and problem area addressed, an applicant organization (or individual), and country of incorporation (or individual country of residence). Additionally, the following information will be stored in the WILDLABS Data Library, but not shared with the public: Questionnaire Application.

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1. Describe your technical solution and the problem it is solving for your users. *
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2. Describe why it is different and how it will solve an IWT problem? *
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3. Where has it been implemented, when and what impact has it had? *
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4. Describe if and how this tool could be replicated in other areas and/ or for different species. *
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5. What is the size of the team developing and running the technology on an ongoing basis? *
6. How long can you sustain this team under your current financial model? *
7. Aside from funding, what are your top three barriers to implementing your solution at scale and how can the WILDLABS TECH HUB coalition partners help? *
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8. If you could engage 2 weeks of specialist resource from a coalition partner, what would this be? *
9. What high value partnerships do you have already? *
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10. What new partnerships are you seeking that could be facilitated by the coalition to help scale your solution? *
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11. Do you have a business model to sustain your solution long term and if so, what stage of development is it in? (A business model includes financial and operating plans, delivery and distribution channels, and other factors to chart a course away from grant funding to financial sustainability) This question is optional.
12. Are you interested in receiving free cloud credits from AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure? *
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13. Do you currently use Machine Learning models to automate data processing to enhance your solution or is this on the product roadmap? *
14. Do you have data that you could offer to collectively strengthen monitoring and surveillance tools across partners to help tackle IWT? If yes, what data? *
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15. What opportunities could this coalition and the WILDLABS TECH HUB bring to you that would deliver results to stop IWT? *
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16. If we can only offer partnerships and the technical services and the support package outlined above, rather than hard cash, would you be interested in participating in this accelerator? *
17. Do you have end users already in place to test your solution, if so please describe your relationship?
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