Nutrition Goals
It is incredibly important to state my scope of practice in terms of nutrition. I give nutritional information in terms of promoting good health/preventative healthcare and to change body composition (fat loss, muscle gain). I cannot, and do not, treat medical conditions.

I also cannot help if a person is suffering from an eating disorder. Symptoms of eating disorders include:

- spending a lot of time worrying about your weight and body shape
- avoiding socialising when you think food will be involved
- eating very little food
- making yourself sick or taking laxatives after you eat
- exercising too much
- having very strict habits or routines around food
- changes in your mood such as being withdrawn, anxious or depressed

You may also notice physical signs, including:

- feeling cold, tired or dizzy
- pains, tingling or numbness in your arms and legs (poor circulation)
- feeling your heart racing, fainting or feeling faint
- problems with your digestion, such as bloating, constipation or diarrhoea
- your weight being very high or very low for someone of your age and height

If you have any of the symptoms listed I recommend you contact your GP so you can get the proper support you need.

By signing up you understand the conditions under which we will work together and the fact that medical treatment is not within my scope of practice. The coaching is not meant to be taken as medical advice or to treat any adverse symptoms you may be suffering from.

Thanks a lot.
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Do you have any nutritional restrictions? (allergies, foods you really dislike)
List 5-10 of your favourite foods. This helps me customise your plan and provide options that you'll enjoy so the more info you give me the more I can do. Include main food groups and any other snacks you can think of. *
Are there times in the day that specifically suit you to eat at? e.g. 'I always have breakfast at 8 a.m. and lunch at 1 p.m.'. *
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What would you hope to achieve in the next 12 weeks as in what would be the dream outcome? *
What do you feel is currently holding you back from reaching your goals, or what has held you back in the past? What do you struggle with the most?
Thank you! I'll  start putting together your personalised plan and be in touch soon.
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