Alabama Rabbit Rescue: Fostering Application
Please complete this application for consideration to become an foster parent with the Alabama Rabbit Rescue. If you have any questions or issues with the application, please email us at, and we will try to answer any questions/issues you have.

Thank you,

– ARR Team
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Family Members: *
Names of those living at home and ages of those under the age of 21
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Have you ever had a rabbit in the past? *
Do you still have the rabbit(s)? If not, please explain why.
If you currently have other rabbits, please list how many, and are they spayed or neutered?
Are you able to provide at least 4 hours/day (30 hours/week) for out of enclosure time for all rabbits in your household including fosters? *
Do you have any other animal companions? *
If yes, please describe the them. What kind of animal are they? Are they spayed or neutered, and where do they live?
Please describe how any of these animals would interact with your foster rabbit(s):
(Please include any information that may affect the wellbeing of the foster rabbits)
How and where do you plan to house your foster rabbit(s)? *
We provide the initial supplies to get started with your foster rabbit. i.e. exercise pin, litter box, pellets. (Please know that your foster rabbit will need to have housing and exercise time separate from any other rabbits or pets.)
If you currently have one or more rabbits, are they spayed or neutered?
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How will you "rabbit proof" your home? *
Do you currently have a reliable mode of transportation? *
Are you willing to: (Please check all that apply) *
What types of rabbits are you willing to foster? (Please select all that apply.) *
If Fostering a mother and her babies, how long are you willing to do so?
Do you have any prior experience with rabbits? *
Have you ever fostered an animal before? *
If yes, Please list: What shelter/rescue? What type(s) of animal(s)? And, when did you foster?
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