Aztec Teaching Quiz
Please answer the following questions, taken from the handouts you created.
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Quiz Questions
Answer the following questions with best possible answer.
Roles for men included: *
Who was taught fighting skills to be come a warrior *
Metztli was the goddess of... *
What was the role of women *
Serfs worked the land for... *
What did the Aztecs trade *
What was most of their learning based on? *
What was the highest position on the Aztec Social Hierarchy *
How was the Emperor treated? *
Tonatiuh, the Aztec's main god, was the god of what? *
What did the Aztec make their canoes out of? *
What age did Aztec women marry? *
How much did school cost? *
What did the Aztec's use for money? *
The Aztec's mistook Cortes for this god. *
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