Douglas County Voluntary Stewardship Program Producer Survey
Dear Participant:

The Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP) aims to protect critical areas (fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas, wetlands, geologically hazardous areas, frequently flooded areas, and areas with a critical recharging effect of aquifers used for potable water) where they intersect with agricultural activities, through voluntary, incentive-based measures, while at the same time improving the long term viability of agriculture. Douglas County is implementing VSP as an alternative to the regulations of the Growth Management Act.

The attached survey will help to implement the Voluntary Stewardship Program by:
1. Identifying and documenting implemented conservation activities that contribute to the critical area protection goals and benchmarks of the VSP work plan.
2. Identifying conservation activities that Douglas County producers are interested in implementing to increase cost-share and technical service opportunities for those conservation activities.
3. Identify educational programs and materials that would benefit Douglas County producers.
4. Encourage high producer participation, through the implementation of voluntary conservation activities, to ensure the success of the VSP.

The survey will:
1. Help to tell the story that agriculture can protect critical areas through voluntary conservation, and in doing so, help you avoid further governmental regulation by assuring the VSP succeeds.
2. Give voice to your opinion about what cost-share and educational opportunities will benefit your operation.
3. Report aggregated data to assure anonymity and confidentiality of your responses.

You should complete this survey if you are an agricultural producer in Douglas County.

If you have any questions or required additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me, or South Douglas Conservation District at 509-7459160.


Aaron Rosenblum, Natural Resource Specialist
Douglas County VSP Coordinator
Foster Creek Conservation District
509-423-5990 (cell)
509-888-6376 (office)

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