So You Wanna Write a Book?
A few questions to help zero in what kind of book YOU want to write.

I won't share your responses with anyone, this just helps me understand where you're at in your creative process, and figure out how to best fine-tune my services to help my clients get their stories out into the world.

Don't worry, you aren't signing up for any email list or online course by filling this out - you will just get a call, text, or email (whatever you want) after you fill this out, and we can have a free consultation just to chat, and see if we would be a good fit to work together.

(Bonus: you might even feel a bit more crystal-clear about your book after filling this out!)

Happy Answering!
-Ellie Adelina

First things first, what's your name? *
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Nice to meet you! I'm gonna give you an easy one... Fiction or Non? *
What's the genre? Try to pick 4 or fewer. *
Now, which 1 (or 2) above MOST CLOSELY describe what genre your book would be? *
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Let's explore... WHY do you want to write a book? *
Great! So, If you had to choose, what would be your DREAM goal for this book? *
AMAZING, you dreamer, you! Now, what if we think on a little bit smaller scale? What's a tangible goal you'd MOST likely want to achieve from writing a book? *
Tell me... have you started? *
So, what brings you to this moment, reaching out to me? *
What are the biggest gaps in your book project that you want help with? *
Is there anything we missed?
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