Good + Plenty WPG Industry Survey
Good + Plenty WPG is a new music and arts promotional organization operating on Treaty 1 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our goal as a group is to organize excellent concerts and showcases, work on educational initiatives to make the industry a safer and more inclusive space, and equip underrepresented artists with the resources they need to thrive in their arts practice.

As a new group, we recognize the importance of having the artists themselves inform our policies and programming, as this organization is FOR you.

The purpose of this survey is to allow you, the artists, the opportunity to share your triumphs, challenges, hopes, dreams, or critiques of the Winnipeg music and arts scene. This survey is completely voluntary and artists may answer as few or as many questions as desired.

Data gathered in this survey will be viewed by the four organizers of G+P WPG for internal purposes including informing policy development and programming. Some information gathered will be released publicly in graph or info-graphic form with all personal information remaining confidential and anonymous. No personal stories or experiences will ever be shared without your consent (stated in the below form).

Please be aware (trigger warning): this survey asks some optional questions regarding discrimination you may have faced in the industry, which some people may find difficult to recount. Please note these questions are 100% voluntary and no one is required to provide an answer.

Note: this survey is intended for those who participate in the Winnipeg music or arts scene in any fashion. Survey participants do not need to have a home address in Winnipeg, but rather experience with shows, communities, venues, workshops, organizations, or virtual events within Winnipeg.
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I understand that this a voluntary survey and my personal information will not be released to the public. I understand and agree that the information I provide will be used for organizational purposes and in order to inform policies, events, and services. I understand some data may be used for graph or info-graphs, yet will remain anonymous. *
This is for internal purposes only and is completely voluntary. Please check any of the below people groups that you identify with:
What age group do you fall into?
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What is your primary arts discipline?
If your primary art discipline was not listed above, please state below:
Do you have any additional or hobby arts practices?
How many years have you been a practicing artist in Manitoba?
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Please indicate your intentions with your art practice regarding finances. Please note: any questions about finances are for the purpose of understanding if artists in Winnipeg are being fairly compensated for their time and skill set.
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Would you one day like to make your art practice your full time job/only source of income?
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For those involved in shows/showcases/festivals/performances of any type: do you feel that you are compensated fairly based on your years of experience and expertise in your arts practice? If not, what do you expect would be a fair compensation?
What is the biggest challenge you personally face as an artist in Winnipeg?
What do you think are the biggest challenges or obstacles for Winnipeg artists more broadly?
Potential Trigger: Sharing Experiences of Discrimination. Have you ever felt discriminated against in the Winnipeg arts and music scene because of your gender, sex, race, religion, abilities, or any other ways you identify? Please explain as many or few examples as desired. A reminder that this section will remain strictly confidential, unless you indicate below that you would like it to be shared anonymously.
Regarding the above question: Would you like your story from the above question to be shared on the Good + Plenty social media accounts anonymously? If yes, you will be contacted by an organizer of G+P WPG. *
What would you like to see change in the Winnipeg arts and music industry?
What sort of information and policies, setting, or personnel would you like to see at Winnipeg entertainment venues for you to feel safe, comfortable, valued, and respected as an artist?
What sort of things would you still like to learn about the music industry in Winnipeg? Do you feel that if you wanted to learn something, you could find the resources you need?
Is there an aspect of the arts and music industry you’d like to be more involved in within Winnipeg, but you don’t know how to get involved?
Are there any workshops or educational initiatives you’d be interested in attending or learning more about?
What sort of shows/concerts/venues do you like to attend? What makes these events special to you?
What is your favourite part about being an artist in Winnipeg?
Anything else you’d like to mention?
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