Meep Maker Agreement
In order to keep All You Meep is Love and the meeps in line with my vision of them as a kindness movement, not something for profit, I am asking you to please agree to a few things before I share the pattern with you.
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What is your full name? *
How did you find out about All You Meep is Love? *
Are you willing to agree not to sell the pattern? *
Are you willing to agree not to sell the meeps you make? *
Are you willing to agree to send anyone that asks for the pattern to All You Meep is Love instead of just sharing it with them? *
Are you willing to attach something that has either the All You Meep is Love website, FB or Instagram information so that the recipient can be united with the movement? *
Please provide your email so that I can give you access to the All You Meep is Love Meep Makers section of the website. I will not do anything with your email other than use it to give you access to this private part of the webpage that has the pattern and will in the future house some exclusives to help you with sharing meeps.
Questions and comments
I understand that once I hit enter a link will appear on the next screen that will lead me to a google doc of the pattern. *
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