UCU Warwick International Staff Experience Survey
We are conducting this survey in order to better understand the experiences of international staff at Warwick, including both EU and non-EU and comprising staff on all contract types. We believe understanding these experiences is particularly important in light of the upcoming Home Office audit, uncertainty around Brexit and changes to NHS charges. We want to identify common and shared issues that could be taken up by our local branch, as well as gauge the level of support for pursuing specific issues.

Who should respond to this survey?

All staff, including home (UK) staff and those on STP and hourly-paid contracts, can respond to this survey. If you are not an international member of staff, we still want to hear your views about issues affecting international staff. Section 2 of the survey is only for international staff, but the rest can be answered by anyone.

This survey is being conducted on behalf of UCU Warwick. Responses will be used to inform branch policy. Responses are anonymous unless participants choose to provide their email address at the end of the survey. Any identifying information will be held in line with GDPR.
CONSENT By ticking the box below, you consent both to: your comments being shared (in anonymised form) with the Employer (University of Warwick), and to your comments being used in campaigning material by UCU (also in anonymised form).
1. Are you an international member of staff at the University of Warwick? By 'international', we mean non-UK citizens, who are either EU citizens or citizens of a non-EU country.
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2. Please choose the category that best describes your status.
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3. Do you currently hold British citizenship in addition to being a citizen of another country?
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4. What kind of contract do you have with the university? *
5. What category best describes your working hours?
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6. What is the primary designation of your contract?
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7. How long have you been in the UK?
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What is your country of origin?
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