Group Ukulele Class Registration (Winter-Spring 2020)
Registration Steps:
1. Please fill out the registration form below.
2. You'll receive a follow up phone call or email to confirm your lesson times and set up payment.
3. Classes are held at our BIMEC studios on 1006 S. State, Orem
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We currently have group ukulele group classes available, however, you may create a group class in any instrumentation with at least 3 friends or family members who are a a similar learning level. Contact BIMEC at 801-802-0625 or if you'd like to pursue this option.
Beginning Group Ukulele - age 8 thru adult
Intermediate Ukulele - age 10 thru adult
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You will be contacted by the staff at the BIMEC to process your registration and payment.

Thank you! Let the ukulele jamming begin!
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