Discipleship Assessment
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Come to Christ Daily
Very Often
I practice a regular quiet time and look forward to that time with Christ.
I regularly read and study the Bible.
I regularly and consistently engage in the spiritual disciplines.
When making choices, I seek Christ's guidance first.
When God makes me aware of his specific will in an area of my life, I follow his leading.
I believe Christ provides the only way for a relationship with God.
My actions show a desire to build God's kingdom rather than my own.
I trust Christ to help me through any problem or crisis I face.
My life is characterized by peace, contentment, and joy rather than worry and anxiety.
I am moving from unbelief to belief in every area of my life.
Connect with Believers Weekly
Very Often
I regularly engage in corporate worship gatherings.
I am committed to and participating in a small group/home team.
I allow other Christians to hold me accountable for spiritual growth.
I seek to live in harmony with other members of my family and church.
I use my time and resources to care for the needs of others.
I encourage others by celebrating their strengths rather than criticizing their weaknesses.
My time committments show that I value relationships over work/career/hobbies.
I am genuinely open and honest about who I am.
I maintain deep meaningful connections with others in the church.
I forgive others when their actions harm me.
Contribute your Gifts Generously
Very Often
I regularly use my time to serve God.
I serve God with the gifts and passions he has given me.
I understand my possessions as things that I steward rather than own.
Those closest to me would say my life is a reflection of giving rather than receiving.
I act as if other's needs are as important as my own.
I sacrificially contribute my finances to help others in my church and community.
I reflect on ways that my life can have an impact for the Kingdom of God.
I serve others expecting nothing in return.
I think about new ways to use my God-given gifts to serve others.
I help others identify ministry gifts and become involved in ministry.
Change your World Significantly
Very Often
I share my faith in Christ with not-yet believers.
I regularly pray for the not-yet-believers I know.
I make my faith known to my neighbors and/or fellow employees.
I am prepared to share my testimony at any time.
I regularly invite not-yet believers into my home, life, and church.
I encourage my church and friends to support mission efforts.
I look for opportunities to build relationships with those who do not yet follow Jesus.
My relationship with Jesus comes up frequently in conversation with others.
My actions demonstrate a belief in and a commitment to the Great Commission.
I support my local context by engaging in practical helps, community projects, etc.
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