TEDxCasey Volunteer Agreement
As a TEDxCasey volunteer, you get to work towards bringing remarkable events to life with a diverse group of like minded passionate people.

TEDx organizers and volunteers work together to make the events happen because they believe in the power of ideas, in the strength of collaboration, and the importance of providing a forum in which to share their ideas.

Please read through the following items carefully and thoroughly, making sure you understand and agree with each of them before you answer yes to the agreement.

By committing to work as an official TEDxCasey volunteer, I agree to the following:

1. I will log in to the TEDx Hub https://tedxhub.ted.com/ and become involved in the TED community online, viewing videos and becoming comfortable with the TED and TEDx ethos regarding the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. I will do this so I can be confident when answering questions about TED and TEDx events.

2. I understand that my picture will be taken, and that any photo or video taken at an Event may be used in social media and press releases.

3. I will stay updated and in contact with the TEDxCasey team. I will attend meetings with my team and use communication technology such as Slack as requested. Leading up to events I will respond within 48 hours to communications that request a response. As we near the event, I will respond even sooner to communication.

4. I will be responsible and arrive prepared for meetings and complete tasks on time. If I am unable to attend a meeting or complete a task I will alert the organizers in advance.

5. I have the time to make this commitment. If I cannot make a meeting or if I am having second thoughts about volunteering, I will alert the Volunteer Coordinator immediately in order to find a solution. Depending on your role you could jeopardize an entire event if you drop out without warning.

6. I will maintain team spirit by being supportive, constructive and respectful of other's opinions. I will respectfully question ideas and give suggestions to make the event better.

7. I will take action to make the event as sustainable as possible.

8. I understand that all new team members are subject to 30 - day trial period and that all decision by the Licensees are final

9. I agree to have the most fun ever as a TEDxCasey volunteer! I will participate in a positive way, with good humour and a strong work ethic in my actions and words.
Considering volunteering to help TEDxCasey to put on our 2020 series of events? This video explains more about TEDxCasey and our events for 2020. Skip through to 7 minutes 40 seconds for information about the volunteer agreement which is located here.
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