Compassion Float Program
One of the reasons The Floatation Centre began was to elevate the quality of life of those around us while leaving a positive impact on our community. To successfully run a business, one still must be able to charge for their services so that the bills are paid, employees receive a fair wage, and our cats are eating top quality, holistic cat food. We know that there are folks out there who are unable to afford our services, so we've decided to start a Compassion Float Program to provide accessible floatation therapy to those who need it via an application process.

Each month, one or two applicants/nominations will be chosen to receive THREE floatation sessions valid only for that month. We will personally review all applications and choose the recipients based on need - whether it be financial, pain management, stress/depression/anxiety management, or just some alone time to help navigate the curveballs that life sometimes throws at us. After the three floatation sessions, we will then offer floatation therapy sessions at reduced rate ($32.50 + the government's cut) for as long as the recipient continues to float with us.

Applications/nominations are due on the 25th of each month. The application process will be reset at the beginning of each month and all applicants are allowed to re-enter. We respect the privacy of all those who enter and because of such, will not be announcing the selected recipients publicly.
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The Floatation Centre believes in making our services welcoming for individuals of all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds (i.e., 2SLGBTQ+). If you or your nominated person identify as part of any of these groups and would like to add this to your application, we will take this into consideration upon review.
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Thank you so much for applying to our Compassion Float Program. Only chosen applicants will be notified. If your application wasn't selected this month, we encourage you to re-submit next month!
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