"Project: War Strider" player survey, by Auroch Digital
In the coming months our studio will begin production on a new video game featuring mechs. You can read about the kind of game we'll be making in the section below.

What we want to know before we begin full development is what kind of features the game should have, and we want YOU to tell us. Your input is incredibly important, so thank you in advance for taking part in our survey.

IMPORTANT: what is "Project: War Strider"?
In "Project: War Strider", you command a gigantic mech on a battlefield, fighting against enemies - from small heavily armoured units, to other huge mechs.

We draw from a wide range of inspirations but thought we'd mention some that spring to mind...

We're being inspired by various elements of MechWarrior, Steel Battalion, and ChromeHounds, but we're looking more at Armored Core and World of Warships for the level of realism in the gameplay. Silent Hunter and Cold Waters are two games we're also inspired by, with their more thoughtful pace and ability to show huge machines with multiple crew members working together to complete strategic objectives.

ALSO IMPORTANT: what is this survey for?
What we want to do is get a reading on fans of the kinds of experiences and games described above. We want to know what YOU want from these kinds of games, what YOU expect a game like this should play like.

So please keep this in mind when answering the questions below. Thanks!

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