Conway Area Humane Society CAT Adoption Survey
We are open for adoptions from 12-4pm Thursdays through Mondays. All adoptions require a pre-approved survey to be on file.

You must be 21 with a valid identification that matches the address listed on this survey.

Cats can be placed on hold for a $30 fee, this hold applies for 24 hours. This fee will be refunded if you are not approved to adopt.

If approved, please note, the hold fee does not count toward the adoption fee.

Approved applications are kept on file for 3 months.

If you are unsure if you are pre-approved, please contact the shelter at 603-447-5955.

Full Name
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Physical Address
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Year born
You must be 21 with a valid identification that matches the address listed on this survey.
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Residence type
Proof of home ownership (mortgage statement or lease agreement) may be required for adoption approval
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Name of cat you are interested in adopting
if you are not sure, please say "unsure" and we will help find a great match based on your answers below!
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What other pets reside in your home currently?
Cat ownership history
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Name of current or past veterinarian practice that cares or cared for prior pets
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My cat needs to get along with:
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I prefer a cat that likes to interact with people
What best describes the activity level in your home?
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I am willing to work with a cat that has special needs
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