Get the help and advice you need, in exchange for feedback! :)
If you have a burning question in love that you need help with, do write in the box below. Keep it to a 100 words. If you are more specific, you will get a more targeted and helpful response.

I will then email you the response and in exchange, would love to get your feedback.

Topics I cover - Work/career, Friendships, Love/Relationships, Spirituality, anything Personal Growth (productivity, time management, habits, goal-setting, building your self-esteem, destroying negative beliefs etc)

"I struggle with self-confidence..."
"My goal setting system isn't working..."
"Why am I not manifesting what I desire?"

**Please Note**
I am not a professional therapist/psychiatrist and will not take any questions on health, legal, psychiatric or relationship matters that I deem outside of my expertise. Please seek professional advice if you need it.

**Questions I will not be answering**
I will no longer take any questions on being cut off by family members/friends/lovers etc. These types of questions need a lot of time and energy to unpack (your relationship history, your personalities, your beliefs etc), and involves way more sessions than this free one. I usually spend 3-5 sessions (or more depending) unpacking these issues with my paid clients. Please refer to this link for paid sessions:

Also, if your question comes across as trolling (I've received a few), they will not be answered.

Otherwise, you will receive a response within a week.
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