Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #21
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Rex debet esse sub lege, quia lex facit ______.”
Hint: The king ought to be subservient to the law, for the law makes the king.
1 point
“Semper ______ pro negante.”
Hint: Presumption is ever in favour of the negative.
1 point
“Salus populi est ______ lex.”
Hint: The public safety (welfare) is the supreme law.
1 point
“Seisina(nonjus)facit ______.”
Hint: Seisin (not the law) makes the root of descent.
1 point
“Semper in obscuris quod minimum ______.”
Hint: In obscure (constructions) the law follows that which is least obscure.
1 point
“Rex in sao regno non habet ______.”
Hint: In his own kingdom the king has no equal.
1 point
“Scientia utrinque par pares ______ facit.”
Hint: Equal knowledge on both sides makes the position of the contracting parties the same.
1 point
“Scire debes cum quo ______.”
Hint: One should know with whom he contracts.
1 point
“Rex ______ non potest.”
Hint: The king can do no wrong.
1 point
“______ est agere.”
Hint: To write is the same thing as to act.
1 point
“Rex ______ moritur.”
Hint: The king never dies.
1 point
“Semper in dubiis benigniora ______.”
Hint: In doubtful matters the more liberal (constructions) are to be preferred.
1 point
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