NB Kids and Youth Media Release
I hereby give my permission for Newbridge Church staff and volunteers to photograph and video tape
my child while participating in Newbridge Church activities. I understand that these pictures and
videos may be used in a variety of media applications including print, Newbridge Church social media
accounts, and other online channels such as the Newbridge Church website. I understand that it is
the policy of Newbridge Church not to identify children by name, by using pictures that would display
names, or through social media tagging. I also understand that Newbridge Church retains sole
ownership of these media files and will not share them with other individuals or organizations, except
as is necessary for related activities – i.e. contracted promotional work such as creating print material
or website pages.
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By checking yes I give my full media release to Newbridge Church. *
I give my permission with the following exceptions:
I do not give permission for my child to be video graphed or photographed.
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