Affiliate Program for Jennifer Bly's Products
Would you like to make some extra income while promoting quality products?

Jennifer Bly is looking for affiliates for her printable products.

The sales commission for Jennifer's printable materials is 50%.

1. Create a FREE Gumroad account -->
2. Have a look at Jennifer's product page here -->
3. Send your name and email address through this form and please indicate which products you're interested in promoting

Once you start sharing the unique link, GUMROAD will cookie customers when they visit the link. As long as a customer purchases the product within 30 days of visiting your affiliate link, you will get credit for the sale. The complete terms of how Gumroad handles the affiliate programs can be found here -->

You will receive an email from Gumroad every time you make a sale and payouts happen every other Friday (as long as your balance exceeds $10 USD).

Please note, since I am Canadian, all of my prices are in Canadian dollars. This means that your commission, is converted from Canadian to US dollars.

All affiliate payouts are secure and are made through Gumroad. Commissions are automatically calculated by Gumroad (and you will see your sales balance on the Gumroad dashboard).

The Gumroad affiliate terms agreement says the program is only open to residents of the USA. I have emailed Gumroad about this and they have responded saying "No worries – anyone can use the affiliate program, no matter where they’re from." I will gladly forward you this response for your own documentation, just email your request to me.*

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer at:

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