What did you like about the 2017 Cbus StudentHack?
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What did you not like about the 2017 Cbus StudentHack?
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Rate how organized was the 2017 Cbus StudentHack?
Was the 2017 Cbus StudenHack judging process (including the judging criteria) clear and transparent?
Rate how much have your technical/programming skills improved because of the event?
What soft skills have you improved on the most while being part of the CbusStudentHack?
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What was the biggest challenge for you in this year's contest?
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Will you be attending the Cbus StudentHack next Year?
Overall how satisfied were you by being part of the Cbus StudentHack for the past 2 months?
What changes would you like to see at CBus StudentHack next year? Do you have any other comments or feedback that can help us make the event bigger and better next year?
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