Early Access Playtest Survey
We want to hear what you think about the game! Please fill out the below survey questions. If you found a bug, or have additional thoughts or questions, please use the Developer Feedback form:
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How long did you play the game?
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Which features did you enjoy the most?
How much did you like or dislike the following features?
Didn't Like It
It Was Fine
I Liked It
Earning Coins
Buying Deco
Getting Social Points
Moving Out
Improving Mood
Gaining Skills
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Did you understand how these features worked?
Didn't See It
Didn't Understand
Loyalty Cards
Personality Level
Gift Boxes
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Did you find anything frustrating?
Did you receive any gifts sent by other players?
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How much do you care about these new feature ideas?
Don't Care
Ok Either Way
I Care a Lot
Male Character & Clothes
More Object Interactions
Freeform Decorating
More Social Choices
More Personality Choices
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How would you rate the graphics?
Not very good
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Since the game is free, would you expect to spend real money on in-game items or currency?
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Do you like or dislike "" as the name of the game?
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How likely are you to recommend this game to your friends?
Not likely
Very likely
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Do you have any other feedback about the game? Your thoughts will be very helpful to us!
Do you want to participate in future Early Access playtests?
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If you'd like for us to follow up with you, please enter your email address.
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