Diwali Special Techno Workshops Registration दिवाळी विशेष टेक्नो कार्यशाळा नावनोंदणी
Let's join us to create and celebrate- Techno Diwali
We have organized the following 3 workshops for all age groups this Diwali.
1) Smart Diwali Lantern:- You will be making a smart lantern using a Laser Cutting machine and a sensor-based electronic Circuit. This will automate your lantern.

2) Fort Making:- You will be making a dream fort and soldiers using Laser Cutter and 3D printer. Create and decorate your Soldier.

3) Robotics:- You will be making 3 Robo toys and getting introduced to robot technology.

Waiting for you to celebrate the techno Diwali!
Thanking you
Vigyan Ashram's DIY Lab Team Members
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