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Cultivate Waste is a division of Cultivate Christchurch (Limited), a social enterprise building a network of urban farms powered by young people with the support of our community.

The Waste service originally started and launched at the Festival of Transitional Architecture in 2013, demonstrating how we can collect organic matter from inner-city food outlets to build productive soils where there was originally only rubble.

We have since learned that there was no organic waste collection service in the CBD (crazy huh?!), that people really care about diverting waste from landfill, and that we need to do it more!

After partnering with Innocent Packaging and a range of food outlets in town, earlier this year we also completed a successful trial composting 100% plant-based coffee cups and serviceware. Now we're looking at ways to scale this up too, so not only can we divert tonnes of food waste from landfill every week, we can also start dealing with the millions of coffee cups that are designed to return to the soil, but aren't (they're just ending up in landfill because no-one is collecting and composting them!).

We're now in the process of developing our service into a full-blown operation in partnership with the Christchurch City Council! In the meantime, we're at capacity and ask that you please take a moment to fill out some details about what level of service you need.

Thank you!

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Peterborough Urban Farm
Where Cultivate has successfully transformed a derelict space into a supportive, productive and beautiful environment producing nourishing food that is supplied to CBD kitchens and food outlets.
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