NVIDIA SHIELD TV Software Upgrade 8.1.0+ HotFix Image (2019 SHIELD TVs)
The first HotFix image for the 2019 SHIELD TVs has been deployed on 11/6/2019 as version 32.7.301.38 and is based on the public 8.1 image with the follow fixes:

First HotFix (32.7.301.38):
- Match Content Color Space feature not working
- Dolby ATMOs audio stickiness. ie. Play an ATMOS title and the next title the receiver stays in ATMOS mode
- SONY BRAVIA KD55A8F can't set Dolby Vision mode at 59.95Hz
- Corner cases of no Audio in Movies Anywhere, Vudu

Note that there is still an issue with the color switch while in DV mode on Sony xbr55x900f that is being worked on for a future HotFix image.

Please sign up here if you'd like to get the HotFix images for 8.1.0+:

Caveats of the HotFix process:
1. There is no way to roll back from the HotFix.
2. There is no way to leave the HotFix process once you join it.
3. HotFix images are not fully certified. The next official release will have all certifications. The negative side affect we've noticed from this so far are:
a. Disney+ will no work.
b. HD Homerun DRM channels will not work.
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