UCLA CKI Class Grouping F22!
Hi everyone! 

This is just a simple form to see if you have classes with anyone else in our club this quarter:) These responses will be viewable to the rest of the club members so that you guys can reach out to one another and talk about the class, form study groups, etc! 
Note: I have made class 4 and 5 responses optional because 3 classes is the usual, so skip or fill out based your schedule! there is no need for a specific order either. Additionally, please note that filling out this form means you are okay with others reaching out to you VIA email or discord (if you say yes to club discord question)!
If you have any questions, feel free to message me on discord, or my email: uclackisecretary@gmail.com
Hope you find someone that has the same classes as you!

Kelly Nguyen 
UCLA CKI Secretary 22-23
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What classes are you in this quarter?
What classes are you in this quarter?
What classes are you in this quarter?
What classes are you in this quarter?
nah bc why are you taking 5 classes ??? T_T
Thank you for filling out the form! Any questions comments or concerns? :)
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